The Chastity Belt has NO key!

I honestly thought this post was going to be easy to write. The participants may differ but the scenario is ALWAYS the same. Inevitably someone says, “well Ms. Joyll you’re 30-ish, you don’t have any children yet, when are you going to give your parents some more beautiful grandchildren?” UGGGGH this question makes me want to pull out all my hair & for those of you that know me you know that’s alot of bloody hair! BUT, as irritating as this question is….oh I have the response digitally recorded so as not to lose my voice by the way (my parents have been married 35 beautiful years & taught me the.importance of children coming AFTER marriage), its NOT the worst possible scenario that this comes up in. THAT….WELL……THAT…

As we all know all too well, sex comes up entirely too much in casual conversation these days. You almost cannot do anything without it being mentioned or visualized in some capacity. So on the few dates I end up on or even worse or better depending on your point of view, it ALWAYS comes up. And then of course comes, THE QUESTION.”Well do you have ANY children?” “No”, I reply.( insert SNARK from other side of phone, table, fiber, whatever) Dude is automatically thinking, wait in her 30s with NO KIDS? WHAT IN THE SAM HELL IS WRONG WITH HER!!??!!! Let’s see, she’s got a great career, she’s nice, intelligent, stunningly beautiful :-), can cook, has a great sense of humour, a sense of style, & can get along with almost anyone. So what’s the issue? Calmly presses play on digital recorder….Well my parents….35 years….NO WEDDING, NO WOMB. Any Questions? presses play…… This Is Joyll Cambridge, The Humanist Exec, Have a fantastically wonderful day!

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Healthcare is even badly executed when you HAVE insurance.

Wow, where do I start? (exhales deeply) As many of you know, I’ve had my share of recent hospital stays. I would profess to say that 60% of the time they have gone.well & I have been well cared for. BUT oh boy did a recent visit to the Emergency Department here at a local hospital that’s obviously in trouble just completely rub me the wrong way.

(exhales again) Ok here goes, I took a bus late at night to get to rather than call & ambulance even though I was delusional from pain & fever. I arrived in the ED about the time when they had just sent the entire waiting room back to the treatment area so it WAS COMPLETELY EMPTY. Now this particular hospital was in dire straits which I suspected before I arrived but it REALLY was the closest place to go.1st issue, I waited almost 45 mins to be triaged & there were NO OTHER patients being triaged! The triage nurse who was actually a good egg, had been summoned back by the drs to help the other ER nurses because they were THAT shortstaffed!

Next part of my nightmare, After finally being taken to treatment area in obvious pain & with a verified fever of 102.5 as well as a 135BPM heartrate (eh more on that later) I still had to wait over an hour to see the Dr! The lab had come within the 1st 15 mins & taken my blood already! Mind you, I’m still screaming in pain & at this point having chills from such a high fever. FINALLY Dr arrives & I clearly tell him what’s going on, he claims I will be given pain medicine quickly & then scampers off to GOD KNOWS WHERE. Remember we are already into hour THREE & I have blacked out a few times already. Nearly ANOTHER HOUR later my nurse arrives with pain & nausea medicine because by this time I have begun to hurl uncontrollably. This means that FOUR hours after I arrived to an EMPTY waiting room, I am FINALLY being given medication to relieve my immediate symptoms. FOUR HOURS! HOW MANY SLAS where violated that night? And I’m talking about only in the 1st few hours. Completely unacceptable! And I am.insured, indeed with one of the best insurance companies in the country when it comes to reimbursement rates. POTUS OBAMA, you have started on the right path but healthcare reform needs to go much further. There needs to be greater accountability & more stringent service level requirements that our healthcare providers MUST be held accountable to. It is unacceptable for anyone to not be properly taken care of when they arrive in ED, BUT the excuse providers use about having to care for too many uninsured & therefore not being able to provide the best care, well I’m living proof that fowl doesn’t fly! This is Joyll Cambridge, The Humanist Exec, Have a fantastically wonderful day!

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