Watch President Obama Shut Down A White House Heckler: ‘You’re In My House’

I’m need my POTUS to open a can of WHOOP ARSE because we have HAD ENOUGH!!!


President Obama is used to hecklers by now as he nears the end of his stay in The White House (probably a happy thought for a lot of folks), but he isn’t usually expecting them to invade The White House itself. That’s what happened on Wednesday when a immigration activist found her way into an event honoring LGBT Pride Month and started to shout at the president. But Obama wasn’t about to just let it go by quietly according to CNN, hitting back at the interruption in front of the crowd of supporters:

“Shame on you,” he told his heckler, who was protesting deportations under the Obama administration. Obama responded, “Listen you’re in my house… it’s not respectful.” The interruption persisted, however, and Obama asked for the heckler to be removed from the East Room.

“As a general rule I am just fine with a few hecklers. But…

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