We all have followers but are we all cut out to be leaders?

A quote from a friend whom I greatly admire that he posted on twitter today reads:

“No shortage of people who claim to be leaders, or people with titles of leadership. What is missing is the actual behavior of leadership.” Joe Gerstandt

Ironically this is exactly why I am discussing this today. There are so many that taught about wanting to lead but when then get in positions of leadership do they really understand what it takes to lead? Do they really understand the tough decisions that they are going to have to make in difficult times that may affect get the livelihood of many or even just a few? Do they understand that they are going too have to make choices that may make them unpopular? Do they understand the very long hours most leaders have to put in in order for the company to have a certain level of success? And more importantly can they even begin to grasp the idea that when something does not go according to plan, that not only is everyone going to blame you, but they are also going to look to you to FIX IT AND FAST?

There are certain traits that every true leader must and WILL posses. But thats NOT what this column is about.

Again, the basic question I’m compelled to ask, is simple, we all have followers BUT are we ALL cut out to be leaders?

The answer, just MIGHT surprise you.

This is Joyll Cambridge, The Humanist Exec.
Have a fantastically wonderful day!

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