OK I have to admit I’m enthralled with iPad accessories. GOOD QUALITY iPad accessories. I scour the internet for them daily in hopes that I’ll find the next big thing or next MUST have/can’t live without item. My nickname is Gidgets Gadgets ( thanks to my Brother Derrick for that lol) & people have come to depend on me for the latest info on gadget gear. With that in mind I present you with Todays gadget of the day the PHILIPS Fidelio iPad dock. What captivated me about this wonderful device is even though it accommodates your iPad, iPhone, or ipod touch, it doesn’t even HAVE to because it has a Bluetooth connection for streaming! Meaning you could potentially be sitting across the room writing or some other sort of activity on your iPad or iPhone (angry birds anyone) & be streaming some Prince from the Purple Rain album from clear across the room. Honestly, how cool is that!?!? Oh & did I mention the whole charging of the iPad, iPhone etc as well? no pricing or other details yet but I will keep you posted on this nice little #. Thanks & Happy Friday!

image courtesy of SlashGear

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