The real problem is…

ok so by now I’m certain we’ve all heard about the arrest last night of rapper TIP aka T.I. & his wife Tiny for drug possession & I’m certain most of us know he is currently on probation for possession of assault weapons. But they’re NOT the focus of this post. What is is the question of how far we will go to “enjoy” ourselves & why we seem to think these “enjoyable” times are without consequences. Paris Hilton, Lindsey Logan, etc we all know about their indiscretions they are all over the media channels. Have people become so desensitized that they neglect to consider the consequences is their actions & the impact their actions have on friends, family, & their ability to make a living & provide? It’s like the 18 year old college student who goes out & gets his arms all tattooed up not ever realizing that he’s going to have to get a real job someday & even possibly have to wear a short sleeve shirt. Are we really that clueless or have we gone stark raving stupid!?!!!!!???!?!

This is Joyll Cambridge, The Humanist Exec.
Have a fantastically wonderful day!

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