This will be a quick post things are jumping between the stock market & HP’s bombshell News. My thoughts on this scenario are brief….

HP did not stand a chance in the smartphone market with webOS in any capacity. We all knew this. The phones had far too many bugs, the touchpad had almost NO apps available by release date & no integration with the currently very popular android gingerbread OS pretty with 100s of thousands of apps pretty much doomed it from the start.

Also pricepoint was an issue. HP mistakenly felt they could compete with current tablet giants such such as Motorola, Samsung, apple, & viewsonic to name a few. They needed to bring their touchpads in a BELOW the pricepoints of the others. But failed miserably in a market/pricing analysis.

Here’s what HP can do NOW….Bestbuy is already openly complaining that they ordered 270,000 tablets from HP & only 25,000 have sold NOT including returns. If HP is smart, they can create an environment where webOS can live on. BUY BACK all those extra tablets from BB, take a charge on the loss, & DONATE all those tablets to schools around the country. ENCOURAGE developers to develop educational software and sell the school systems the training & support services needed.

It’s VERY well known that tablets are greatly beneficial to education & can even turn around the once bleak educational futures of high-risk children. HP can restore faith in it as a company & have webOS leave a STRONG POSITIVE footprint on the American Educational Landscape.

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