The Holiday zoneout…..Avoid the NOZONE

Hahaha ok so I feel like I’m honestly the only person working today! The holiday zone out is bad for labour day because the last big holiday was the 4th of July! This brings up a very important issue though. I call it the NOZONE. As in No way is that employee paying attention to his work. As in no way is that person focused on this conversation. As in no way, did he just say that!?!?!?! Now, how do we avoid the the unproductiveness & crude nature of the NOZONE? Spend some time with your employees WEEKLY to talk about issues, suggestions for new ideas, & goals. Simply ASK your friends, family, people in casual conversation to put the smartphone down for a second while you talk to them about something. Maybe you’re actually talking too much? Ask them what THEY’D like to talk about. I’ve found that this me-ness in the younger generations has spread like the plague to older generations as well. People think we don’t care anymore because we often act like we don’t. Prove someone wrong today. Happy Labour Day!

This is Joyll Cambridge, The Humanist Exec, Happy a fantastically wonderful day!

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