The quirkyness of family….

Sigh… family…..Woah….family. Having grown up in European society I think I have a different definition of family than most. IMO family should support you as best they can & when they don’t agree with your decisions they should simply step back in support but silent dissension. If the choices you make are good ones well, then they are good. The opposite, well hopefully whatever lesson you needed to learn from the situation you carry with you throughout life.

All of our families have their own quirks. Their way of communicating, or not. Their way of actual interaction or not. Their way of providing support or not. And sadly their way of coping with tragedy or not. If a family’s infrastructure is strong than it can face any adversity & conquer it & take those lessons learned forward with them. Sadly the American family structure is so irrevocably broken that most do not handle these types of situations well & anger & venom spew forth until the family unit collapses or nearly so. The question is, how do we repair the broken American Family? This is actually going to be an on-going series & I don’t want to be the only one involved in the discussion. So weigh in & give me some suggestions, because as we all know too well, it’s impossible for one person so have all the answers.


This is Joyll Cambridge, The Humanist Exec.
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