UGGH watch your Mouth lady!!!

Hey lady, I’ve got a question for you. When you open your mouth & spew all of that negative venomous 4 lettered language do you NOT think about the people around you?

This actually came up today because over the past few weeks I have noticed other ladies including my BFF dropping F-bombs in places around children, the elderly, family, & in front of clients & customers. So today when I was talking to her on the phone she dropped one in a fit of road rage & being fed up with it I called her out on it.”You know,” she said, “you’re right, I do curse entirely too much now & need to get that under control.” In no way is she a bad person but I use her as an example that was an easily resolved situation. For so many of the other women I hear using entirely too much foul language on a daily basis however, it’s not.

I’ve been in public places recently such as hospitals, the mall, food markets, etc where I hear women dropping language so foul I want to snatch their lips clear off!! I saw a women in a hospital waiting room not too long ago who used so much foul language around infants & young children I had to go tell security & they came & escorted her off the premises. More words in the conversation were curse words than were NOT!

Ladies, do we REALLY want that to be the legacy that we leave to our children & the young girls we mentor? Do we really want to open our mouths & spew such venom that it could peel paint off the walls everytime we speak? Please, I implore you, look at your surroundings & THINK before you speak. We are appalled as parents & mentors & make the joke that kids will say th darndest things or they repeat everything they hear, or we are visibly upset when we find out from the teacher or seeing them in interaction with other children that they are using such language. We have the nerve to look around seeking where they heard such language…..guess what…..answer that question, by looking in the closest mirror. Just don’t drop an f-bomb when see who the source is Ohtay?

This is Joyll Cambridge,
The Humanist Exec,
Have a fantastically wonderful day!

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