If you’re using Amazon Cloud Drive/Player STOP STOP STOP right now & read this MAJOR ISSUE!!!

OK so as most of you know I have been using Amazon’s cloud player/drive service rather excitedly for the past 24-48 hours. Unfortunately I have found a MAJOR FLAW that I MUST bring to fellow early adopters attention because it could cause you to PERMANENTLY LOSE YOUR MUSIC FILES, IF YOU DON’T RETAIN THEM ON A HARD DRIVE until the system is FAILSAFE!!!

Here’s the issue: There are TWO screen in the amazon cloud matrix that most of us are going to use on a consistent basis the Cloud PLAYER interface & the Cloud DRIVE interface. And if you like me you’re using the Amazon MP3 uploader to load your music library to the cloud drive/player. HOWEVER I have found that even though the mp3 uploader may tell you ALL the music you asked it to upload is now on the cloud, SOME OF IT MAY IN FACT NOT BE!!

Here’s what’s happening: If you look on the Cloud DRIVE screen on the lower left hand side (have to have folder list expanded) you will see your music folders, in THAT list there is a folder labeled upload_temp. What I have found (this has happened multiple times already) is that SOME FILES EVEN A WHOLE ALBUM WILL GET PERMANENTLY STUCK IN THIS FOLDER!!!! I tried moving them to the correct album folder under the correct artist & the song NEVER shows up! I tried PLAYING the sound using the cloud PLAYER, SONG never plays & Cloud PLAYER never acknowledges that the song exist!

This is a HUGE problem & needs to be fixed RIGHT AWAY before ANY user decides to delete their library from their hardrives or SD Cards or WHATEVER!!! I IMPLORE Amazon to get this issue fixed right away, for some of us our music collections are DECADES old & it would be a shame to lose our music trying to utilize a product that has GREAT potential!!!

This is Joyll Cambridge, The Humanist Exec. Have a FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL DAY!

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