Why are we all so Angry?

Ok this is going to be short & sweet bc Joyll is on some medication for all mankind lol. I just want to quickly ask…Why Are We All So Angry? I log onto twitter for 5 mins & I see there’s beef between 2 hip hop “artists” and that others are initiating it & fanning it!

Seriously people, I’d venture to say that most of you would be terribly upset if something happens to either one of these gentlemen because of your constant instigation so STOP IT.

The focus of this post though is anger. In the past few weeks, we seen men kill their wives and family and themselves because their angry. We’ve seen people brutally murder their co-workers because their ANGRY. The questions are simple, why are we all so angry & what can ve done to better alleviate this anger before it boils over & we end up with all these violent & senseless deaths?

I mean, is it the economy, the state of the world, television & the media, or maybe its the hormone packed foods that many of us eat these days. We tend to be so aggressive, that often times when we hear about others & their unspeakable acts, we react with so little emotional involvement that its almost a lack thereof.

These days, it is so important to remind ourselves & each other that we are HUMAN & we should continue treating each other & living as such.

This is Joyll Cambridge,
The Humanist Exec,
Have a fantastically wonderful day!

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3 thoughts on “Why are we all so Angry?

  1. Anger is not new to our society, sadly, it has always been around. There is definitely more evidence of it now, but it can not be pinned on one reason. Society in general is promoting violence and anger more then ever (i.e. people watching a fight on the street instead of calling the cops, rubbernecking on highways because of accidents, etc). People, now more then ever it seems, are thirsty for 'beef' or fights or arguments or carnage. It is a form of entertainment for the masses.

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