Today’s Gadget of the Day the Amazon 3G Kindle

Ok what can I say about the new Kindle from Amazon other than I LOVE IT! IT’S A PERFECT pocket sized novel thats holds more books than most will ever read in their lifetime, the E-Ink makes it easy to read, there’s WiFi AND 3G so you will always have internet access & be able to download your books, AND it has the ability to READ your books to you!
FYI, if you’re seeking a great site to order some accessories for your gorgeous new Amazon Kindle, check out & use their great search fever & all these accessories come up that you might not be able to find elsewhere. I found a really cute sleeve case for the new Kindle I bought a great friend of mine as a surprise gift.
The battery, well even the battery is fantastic, lasting DAYS at with each charge, and even longer if you turn off WiFi and 3G but who’d want to do that lol? Oh and did I mention there are a TON of cute accessories for it?

It’s got a nice sized keyboard so you can take notes or even possibly well, TWEET! The price, recently lowered to an astonishing only $189 with free shipping available. The Kindle makes the perfect gift for so many, the avid read, the reluctant reader, your boss, your Mom, your teenager, or and even your dentist (hey show them some love ok) !

I’ve had every generation of Kindle and I can attest to how they have gotten better over the years being easier to read and lighter with more features added on each version. This is something I will take with me everywhere and I believe you will too.


This is Joyll Cambridge,
The Humanist Exec, Have a fantastically wonderful day!

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